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Agency Authorization
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Agency Authorization Certificate

CIMC DONGYUE Start to Authorize Global Customers to Distribute in CIMC vehicle.Issue offcial Certification,Meanwhile New Wholesale Policy On published to Benefit Global Customers.


Agency Authorization Agreement

Not only agency Authorization Certificate could assist customer to promote domestic market,CIMC-DONGYUE-Agency-Authorization-Agreement.jpg  

even global market,It like a name card to promote brand and sale ability.But more important is

we make a series sale benefit rules to our agency.This project we published to whole global

market customer who own strong ability to expand market.Of course CIMC DongYue take much

benefit as return to CIMC DongYue Agency.After confirm agency location and time, when

agency get sale level within one year,CIMC DongYue carry out reward policy to increase customer

profitability.If you want to know the details,please email us.

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CIMC-DONGYUE-Agency-Authorization-Agreement speed up the world


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