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CHINA Sinotruk Howo International 6*4 A7 Bus Chassis 371hp Sinotruk Price

CHINA Sinotruk Howo International 6*4 A7 Bus Chassis 371hp Sinotruk Price

HOWO-A7 Series heavy truck Products cab by the Italian famous design company to assist the shape design, fashion shape, atmosphere, spacious indoor space,...

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CHINA sinotruk howo international 6*4 a7 bus chassis 371hp sinotruk price

HOWO-A7 Series heavy truck Products cab by the Italian famous design company to assist the shape design, fashion shape, atmosphere, spacious indoor space, comfortable, strong power system, overall optimization of the transmission system, excellent fuel economy performance, AMT to make the control of more comfortable, advanced rear drum and other multi-directional safety measures, China heavy Duty truck new R & amp; d diaphragm clutch, self-weight light bearing capacity of the new front axle and other advanced excellent assembly again stood at the forefront of the domestic high-end heavy truck. The biggest feature of this series of models is economy, comfort, safety and reliability.

Product Configuration

Truck Model


Dimension(Lx W   xH)(mm)


Approaching angle/Departure angle(°)


Overhang(front/rear) (mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Max speed(km/h)


Curb weight(kg)


Loading Weight(kg)



WD615,water-cooled,four strokes,

(Steyr technology, made in China)

6 cylinders in line with water cooling,

Turbocharged and intercooling,directly injection

Fuel type    


Horse power




Fuel tanker capacity(L)





Brake system

Service brake

Dual circuit compressed air brake

Parking brake

spring energy, compressed air operating   on rear wheels

Steering system



Front axle


Rear axle





1200R20  11pics  

Electrical system








HW76 , (1 sleeper, with   air-condition)

HW76—HOWO Extended cabin. Basic configuration is with single sleeper; new type seat; adjustable steering wheel from up and down, front and rear ; new type integral warm air

heater with European style; the German VDO instrument which synchronized with the world high level heavy duty truck; road vehicles is with four point floating suspension (front spiral spring, rear air spring) with shock absorbers, off road vehicles is with four point floating spring suspension + shock absorbers, each type of cabin is with transverse stabilizing device, double lock safety belt; external sunshade; fourth generation air conditioning, air conditioning control board is liquid crystal display with LED lighting; with cruise; with sound warning system for abnormal generator voltage (to prevent damage of electronic devices); electric windows.


Production process

HOWO-A7 series of products positioning is oriented to the international market and domestic high-end heavy truck market. In the process of design and development, in order to ensure the win in the global competition, China heavy duty truck in the important components with the international first-class suppliers in collaboration with the design, in accordance with the International key assembly design standards, combined with China's practical characteristics of joint scientific research and development, special support, out of a new international technical cooperation road. HOWO-A7 Series products absorb the use of German ZF steering machine and oil pump, WABCO two-cylinder air compressor, full-vehicle brake valve and jointly designed AMT transmission and sartshift intelligent Hand self-integrated shift system, Germany Voss Brake interface, Mann-hummel fuel Filtration and plastic air filter system, Sabo shock absorber, Behr cooling system, VDO instrument + control system, VDO sound system, Westfalia exhaust bellows, Hendrickson rubber suspension and other world-class technology and products, At the same time, combined with the experience of heavy truck in China for many years and the understanding of market precision, many excellent assemblies with independent intellectual property rights of China heavy duty truck have been developed.



The leading technology of creating a new era of heavy truck transmission in China--smartshift-amt intelligent shift hand self-integrated transmission smartshift literally translated as "smart shift". AMT is the standard technology for the world's high-end heavy truck, with 50% of trucks in Europe fitted with AMT gearboxes. The introduction of China heavy duty truck Smartshift-amt so that Chinese users can also enjoy the international high-end heavy truck operation Comfort, so that China's heavy truck technology to the world's Advanced heavy truck ranks! Leading China (Asia) heavy truck into the era of automatic shift.

Produce Accessories 


In the "modular" mode of production, the focus of automotive technology innovation in parts, parts to advance the development, and participate in the automotive manufacturers of product design. China heavy duty truck has introduced cockpit, interface disc braking, door, front end, integrated air/fuel and other modules. Automobile manufacturers, on the other hand, take the global scope as the space for the selection and matching design of automotive modules, optimize the design of automobiles, and transfer some of the assembly work on the automobile assembly line to a place other than the assembly line. The use of "modular" production methods is conducive to improving the variety, quality and automation level of automotive parts, improve the assembly quality of automobiles, and shorten the production cycle of automobiles.

Producetion Line

Producetion Line

Our company will provide customers with the corresponding wearing parts of the service, such as engine oil filter, air conditioning filter, outlet filter, as well as brake pads, etc.,





Q:I want to transport the truck by container, is it ok?

A: Yes, it is ok .But we need take apart the truck.You should reinstall in your country.

Q:How about your product quality?

A: All our spare parts are from the original manufacturers, the quality is 100% guaranteed.

Q:I want to be your agent in my country , is that ok?

A:It’s ok, If your quantity is big, we will consider. For the first time 50 units is ok.

Q:I want the front two tyres are bias tyre and the rear 9 tyres are radial tyres, is it ok?

A: We can make the tyres as your requirement to suit your country's need.

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