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Skeleton Semi Trailer

Skeleton Semi Trailer

Skeleton Semi Trailer high strength steel, Material of web plate and key position uses high strength low alloy steel with domestic advanced technical standard.Light tare weight: It uses convex-concave through-going beam structure, reduces weight at several positions under the precondition of ensuring structural strength, and has light tare weight....

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Skeleton Semi Trailer

A Skeleton Semi Trailer high strength steel and Light tare weight.

A Skeleton Semi Trailer is commonly used as basis to carry a large load for transport.

CIMC DONGYUE Skeleton Semi Trailer (2).jpg

                                                 CIMC DONGYUE Skeleton Semi Trailer and Goose Skeleton Semi Trailer.jpg

  Container Semi Trailer - Skeleton Semi Trailer

Skeleton Semi Trailer Divided into

icon Normal Skeleton Semi Trailer 

Advantage: Lower Cost Than Goose Type

icon Goose Skeleton Semi Trailer

Advantage: Low Center of gravity,Much more Safety.   

                                                                                                  Much more color to choose 1

Skeleton Semi Trailer  different type have different application and advantage.So below information will introduce what difference about them,or you want to    contact our business representative to know details directly.Please click here,we will response you within 12 Hours.

CIMC DongYue Skeleton Semi Trailer-Various models

CIMC DONGYUE skeleton Semi Trailer.jpg

Skeleton Semi Trailer-Skeleton Semi Trailer

icon Application:Container Loading Only.

icon Application Area:Container yard

icon Container Loading Type: 20'/40'/45'/2*20' Containers

icon  Flatbed Semi Trailer divided into:

    Normal Skeleton Semi Trailer. Advantage: Lower Cost Than Goose Type.

    Goose Skeleton Semi Trailer. Advantage: Low Center of gravity,Much more Safety.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       CIMC Dongyue skeleton Semi Trailer Spec.File Download

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CIMC DongYue 20'Container skeleton semi trailer.jpg

20' Container Skeleton Semi Trailer

Container Loading Only.

20' Container Loading 

Goose Type provied.

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CIMC DongYue 40'Container skeleton semi trailer.jpg

40' Container Skeleton Semi Trailer

Container Loading Only.

40'/2*20' Container Loading.

Goose Type provied.

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CIMC DongYue 45'Container skeleton semi trailer.jpg

45' Container Skeleton Semi Trailer

Container Loading Only.

40'/45'/2*20' Container Loading.

Goose Type provied.

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CIMC DongYue Skeleton Semi Trailer Advantage & Benefit

CIMC-DONGYUE-Container semi trailer advantage and benefit

CIMC Dongyue Container Semi Trailer lightweight But Strong.jpg

Light-weight but strong

The Flatbed semi trailer by referring to foreign and domestic advanced design concepts and by using FEA (finite element analysis).

CIMC Dongyue Container Semi Trailer Electrophoresis painting.jpg

Electrophoresis paint

The materials used are safe, environmentally friendly, the surface of the vehicle is delicate, flat, the most complete anti-corrosion protection. 

CIMC Dongyue Container Semi Trailer Spare Parts.jpg

Advanced Spare Parts

Cooperate with international famous brands to provide high quality accessories to ensure the safety and reliability of products.

icon Novel design

icon High Strength
icon Light tare weight
icon Strong loading capacity
icon Heavy loding weighticon Rational structure
icon FEA
iconSafe reliable operation

CIMC DONGYUE container Semi Trailer technology.jpgCIMC Dong Yue Technical Staff

Own more than 100 experienced international and domestic engineers, including Dr. He, an Australian engineer with 42 years of experience, who worked as an engineer consultant for the American Sirk Semi-trailer Company. 

CIMC DongYue Technical Center

Technical center is the most important role in it.It likes Our brain to transfer command to our body.All Product research and development all start from here,Company take lots of investment to our"Brain",Committed to create better performance products.Science and technology are primary productive forces.

CIMC DONGYUE Vehicle.jpg

Wisdom-Technical Reseach

Integrate industrial wisdom,and promote brand development.CIMC Dongyue regards scientific innovation and technical research and development as development resource. It uses international and domestic leading technology as core for 30years,is engaged in innovation and application of new technology and new technique.and realizes product update,brand development and industrial progress.


Company has perfect inspection equipment and advanced inspection methods,owns inspection line and physic and chemical analysis rooms of special vehicle, and makes over 200inspection items such as rear lower part protection,side protection,ABS braking and anti-skid brake system strictly according to national standards for special vehicles;group purchase provides foreign and domestic famous  material and part from the source.establishes Shandong special vehicle inspection center in the company,and ensures product quality of   Liangshan CIMC Dongyue.

Intelligence-Production Equipment

"It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work".The company establishes large modern factory building of 160,000 square meters. Has advanced production line,painting line and technical equipment for special vehicles, and has annual design production capacity of 20,000 vehicles,Excellent equipment and technology guarantee outstanding product quality!Improve intelligent level,and create topping  quality.CIMC Dongyue regards topping production line and equipment as development basis for over 30 years,absorbs industrial intelligence of foreign and domestic advanced production lines activity,promotes innovation and update of production equipment continuously,increases overall skills of operators, and realizes scientificness,rigorousness and efficiency of production processes.

CIMC DongYue Service


Wisdom-Technical Research,Intelligence-Production Equipment,Manufacture-Intelligent Production

CIMC Dongyue vehicle (semi trailer) Company History.jpg

It happens More Than Twenty Thounds Trailers each year – customer receives Trailer from CIMC DONGYUE – but each interaction is unique
and valuable.

Year 1987,Founder Mr Zengcai Yue with two staff who own dreams begin to their career.Start with a welding repair shop,one simple room,registered capacity 500 Yuan(almost $75),Step the Road to entrepreneurship.

Konw More...

CIMC DONGYUE Agency Authorization.jpg  Agency Authorization

CIMC DONGYUE Start to Authorize Global Customers to Distribute in CIMC vehicle.Issue offcial Certification, 

Meanwhile New Wholesale Policy On published to Benefit Global Customers.

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Wisdom-Technical Research,Intelligence-Examination,Manufacture-Production Equipment From Manufacture to 

creation until industrial intelligence of production.

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CIMC DONGYUE solution.jpg  Solutions

CIMC DongYue satisfied global customers multi requirement of Special Vehicle,Make all industrial solutions to customers.

Solution project include:CBU,SKD,CKD,Tractor truck,Spare Parts etc.

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CIMC DONGYUE product service.jpg  Product Service

For Promoting customer's acknowledge for CIMC DongYue Semi-Trailer,We Set up products service to customer.

Including Product Technical File,Maintenance File and after sale service.

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CIMC DONGYUE Trading Service.jpg  Trading Service

Not only excellent in product Performance. Meanwhile CIMC DONGYUE provide excellent trade service for oversea 

customers.Bring best benefit to our Customers.

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