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Lowbed Semi Trailer

Lowbed Trailer, Low Bed Trailer, Lowbed Semi Trailer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 3axles Excavator Transport Gooseneck Lowboy Low Bed Lowbed Semi Trailer, Container Chassis 3 Axles 40FT Skeletal Semi Trailer for Sale, 3 Axle 52000L Gasoline Oil Diesel Fuel Tanker for Sale and so on.
  • CIMC-DongYue-Low-Bed-Semi-Trailer-catalogue

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  • Lowboy Truck Trailer

    Lowboy truck trailer Product Description 2 Axles 40T Lowbed Semi Truck Trailer Product Process Packing and Shipping 1. Nude Packing 3 sets stacked (by Bulk Cargo Ship, Ro-ro Ship, or Land Transportation); 2. Cut the rear part which can load two sets in one 40ft container; 3....
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  • Multi Function Skeletal Trailer

    Product name multi function skeletal trailer Product details Use: Truck Trailer Type: Semi-Trailer Material: Steel Certification: CE Size: Buyer's Request Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Suspension: Common mechanical suspension Product introduction The skeleton...
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  • Heavy Duty Equipment Transport Lowbed Truck Semi Trailer

    Low-bed semi-trailers with a drop deck are used to transport construction machinery, tracked vehicles, wheel loaders, vessels, boats, combine harvesters, machine parts or prefabricated sections. For optimal loading, our units are fitted with hydraulic detachable gooseneck...
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  • 3 Axles 50t 60t Loader Lowboy Semi Trailer

    The lowbed semi trailer adopts three-axis balanced type, double-shaft balanced type or steel suspension. There is a mass balance block between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs to equalize the force of the...
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  • 4 Axle Transport Machines Drop Deck Truck Low Bed Semi Trailer

    Low bed semi trailers are commonly used to transport heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, buses, special purpose vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, And other heavily loaded goods, the lower the center of gravity, the better stability and safety,...
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  • Lowbed Semi Trailer Price

    Lowbed semi trailer is usually used to transport tractors, buses, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, engineering machinery, etc,it has the characteristics of low center of gravity, stability and safety.
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  • 2 Axles 30 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer

    Low bed truck trailer usually adopts hollow beam or well frame. The traction pin of the front part of the gooseneck is connected with the traction saddle of the tractor. The rear end of the gooseneck is connected with the semi-trailer frame
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  • Heavy Duty Lowbed Semi Trailer

    heavy duty lowbed semi trailer lowbed semi trailer for heavy duty equipment transport
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  • Tri-axle 40 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer

    Low bed semi trailer is usually used to transport heavy machinery equipment,When mechanical equipment is loaded onto a low bed semi trailer, it is usually loaded from the rear end of the semi trailer, that is, the mechanical equipment is moved from the rear wheel rack or the...
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  • 60 Ton Low Boy Semi Trailer

    60 ton low boy semi trailer is suitable for the transportation of various mechanical equipment, heavy machinery, highway construction equipment, large tank and steel.
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  • Multi-axles Low Bed Semi Trailer

    Multi-axles Low bed semi trailer load is also very extensive, suitable for a variety of machinery equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large pieces of tank, power plant equipment machinery all kinds of steel transport
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