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13 M Transport Semi-trailer Maintenance Welding Process And Precautions Engine
Apr 20, 2018

13 m transport semi-trailer maintenance welding process and precautions engine cylinder body, transmission shell, hydraulic cylinder and other parts are characterized by large quality, complex shape, high cost, when it cracks or other damage, if not repaired in time, will make the whole assembly scrapped, resulting in a great waste. Some other parts, such as pins, gears, etc., because the unit price is not high, when they wear failure, often directly replace new pieces, over time, must consume huge, in fact, they can be repaired and reuse.
Surface surfacing technology is a part of surface repair technology, that is, the use of manual arc welding of damaged parts of the surface of the surfacing or repair, or through the machine tool processing, restore the original size of the parts, if necessary, through heat treatment to improve its performance.
The main indexes to evaluate the repair layer are: (1) The bonding strength between the repair layer and the matrix metal, and (2) the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the repair layer; (3) The effect of the repair layer on the fatigue strength of the parts.

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