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Aluminum Alloy Trailer Will Become The Future Trend
Apr 26, 2018

 At present, the number of heavy trucks in China has broken through 6 million, such a large number of exhaust gas has become an important source of air pollution, and the resource consumption and environmental pollution has become a global problem, the whole society is concerned about the energy-saving emission reduction work of automobiles. Reducing vehicle deadweight is an effective measure to reduce fuel consumption and improve transport efficiency, and the portability of aluminum alloy is a necessary tool to lighten the weight of the vehicle, and the aluminum half trailer is 3.5 tons lighter than the steel half trailer, so it can pulling 3.5 tons more than the whole steel half trailer in each operation.

No-load operation will also greatly reduce fuel consumption, data show that the production of 1 kg of aluminum consumption of about 14 degrees, but in the car each use 1 kg aluminum can replace steel about 2 kg, in the life cycle of the car to save 1 kg of material can save fuel 0.7 kilograms, equivalent to about 800-kilowatt, reduce carbon dioxide emissions about 1800 kg. Related logistics company calculation shows that the annual operation of 150,000 kilometers calculation, aluminum alloy car in the driving use of its lightweight advantages can be more than 150,000 yuan ~18 million. Although the cost of a one-time car is about 40% higher than that of a steel trailer, the overall calculation is 1-2 years to recover the cost. China trailer Annual fuel consumption of about 40 million tons, if the aluminum alloy trailer market share can reach 70%, each year can save about 7.66 million tons of fuel, reduce carbon dioxide emissions 22 million tons, and aluminum vehicle service life longer, according to European and American experience, an aluminum alloy can life cycle in general in 15 ~ 20, and the life of steel cans is only 7 years ~9 years.

and the recovery value of vehicle after scrap is also higher than steel vehicle, taking the commonly used aluminum tanker as an example, the recovery value of aluminum can be more than 85% of the original aluminum is much higher than the ordinary steel vehicle recycling value. At present, although the aluminum alloy trailer in China is no longer a novelty, but the use of the market share is small, China's first aluminum alloy trailer is now in 2008 Taiyuan Truck trade Show, from the Baotou Yu-li Industrial research and development manufacturing. It has been a few years, so it is far from being widely used.
However, the transport industry and trailer manufacturing industry agree that lighter aluminum alloy trailer will inevitably replace the steel trailer into the mainstream market.

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