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CIMC Dongyue Electrophoretic Spraying
Aug 17, 2018

Electrophoretic  spraying, that is, water-based coating, can be dissociated into a  water-soluble film-forming material which can form a film in water, and  swims to the opposite electrode in a direct current electric field, and  precipitates on the surface of the object to form a coating film.

Got it? ! When I was in school, the chemistry class was sleeping. Now, do you still give me this?

Good, change the way! Fasten your seat belt, the speed is seventy, and your mood is free.

In fact, electrophoresis, you will enjoy it, and the quality of life is perfect! In my opinion, electrophoresis is generally three steps!

First, wash the heart

Second, starting for love

Third, stand the test

Interested in this matter, right? Then look at it and there is nothing wrong with it.

Let me first talk about the heart of the face, in fact, the scientific name is called pre-treatment. Electrophoresis is clean, if the first step is not carried out, the second step is no play, what are you doing?


To put it  plainly, it is a bath. The pre-treatment is to knock down all the  impurities, oil stains and rust on the surface. The corresponding  process is washing, degreasing and pickling. The purpose is to form a  layer on the surface of the treated substrate to improve the workpiece. Non-metallic conversion coating for corrosion protection.

It  is the same as a woman's make-up. It is white and white, and it is easy  to do isolation, rubbing foundation, blushing, fixing makeup, repairing  capacity... A lot of people (is it a woman who is very troublesome).


                                              Basically, it is very straightforward and very rude.

Finally, it’s time to say climax! The climax is the core of the entire process - electrophoresis.


The picture above is sleepy, isn’t it? It doesn't matter, this one is not broadcast.

In  fact, electrophoresis is a pair of young men and women in adolescence,  under the influence of hormones (electric field), they are attracted to  each other and together.

I have confirmed my eyes and met the right person!


One party  broke through all the obstacles and ignored the "inappropriate" and  "incompatibility" of the people. In the end, the lovers finally became  dependents and hugged together. Why didn't they hang together? Don't worry, you have to go through the test. It’s hard to get the 1981!

Of  course, emotional things are difficult to say clearly, allowing male  chasing women, you have to allow women to chase men, so the  electrophoretic coating has both anodic electrophoresis coating and  cathodic electrophoretic coating, the common is cathodic electrophoretic  coating.


The last step is to test the feelings, how to complete? Of course it is grilled! 180 degrees, steaming for half an hour, dare not dare? Passed the test, this feeling is just now! If you look at the paint surface of the electrophoretic coating, it is very wearable, it is the vicissitudes of the years!

                                                       No electrophoretic paint effect


                                                 After electrophoretic painting


Is the trailer with the electrophoretic paint applied invincible? However,  electrophoretic paint is only more wear-resistant and  corrosion-resistant than ordinary paint. Even the most powerful  electrophoretic paint can not withstand the ruthless destruction.  Therefore, caring for the car is still indispensable!

Electrophoretic  paint is not only suitable for automotive painting, but also for  decorative paints, refrigerators, color TVs, and washing machines.

Nowadays,  the trailer also likes to carry out electrophoretic paint, which not  only embraces environmental protection, but also creates resistance and  beauty. Such a fresh and refined explanation, do you understand? Didn't understand... then come again!

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