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COD Seal Technology Investment Fuel Cell And Lithium Battery Technology
May 21, 2018

Freudenberg sealing Technologies uses mergers and acquisitions and strategic investments to acquire fuel cell and lithium battery technology, aiming to enhance its market position in the fields of energy and electric vehicles. COD Seal technology Company believes that by 2025, the production of electric vehicles will achieve substantial growth, diesel locomotives (Cars + trucks) will be in the future transport industry to maintain an important role. It is said that the company has a dual product development path. At the beginning of 2018, cod Seal technology acquired a stake in Elcomax, the fuel cell manufacturer Elcore and its sister company. Elcore was founded more than 8 years ago, is a highly innovative driving start-up, its patent and patent documents reached 200, its technical research and development involves: a fixed application (stationary applications) of the efficient fuel cell, its overall energy efficiency of 104%. In addition, further such products are used for mobile travel applications. This February, the Cod seal technology company acquired a minority stake in Xalt Energy. The company is responsible for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, which can be used for urban buses and public buses and other applications in the industry. The company's battery products have been successfully used in city buses in major U.S. cities such as New York and Los Angeles.
In the two deals, cod seal technology company invested 50 million euros (about 59.023 million U.S. dollars), as the future expansion of product projects, the organizational structure will also change.

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