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Do You Know The 6 Big Mistake? The Car People Know
Jun 29, 2018

Myth 1: Wait until the car is out of gas. Many small partners are accustomed to wait until the oil meter light on the refueling, in fact, do not really need to do so, because the gas station is really you want to find the time can be found?

Besides, some models of the oil pump design in the tank, gasoline in the gasoline pump has a cooling effect, if always wait until the gas is left a little bit to refuel, then the pump cooling effect is not, always this will accelerate the aging gasoline pump.

Myth 2: Refueling jump after the gun continues to add is a problem Many people feel that refueling to jump the gun can continue to refuel, or even jump the second time, then there must be a problem, that is, there is a trick. In fact, it is not so, refueling gun loaded with a sensor, it is very sensitive, with refueling, when the oil tank in the top of the gas, the increase of about full pressure will be greater, and so reached a certain degree when will jump gun. For example, you add 100 yuan or 200 yuan of oil, the staff set a good oil, and so added to set the data will jump gun, this also means that refueling end, it is not necessary to wait until the oil is full before jumping gun.

Myth 3: Refueling volume exceeded the calibration volume has a trick Many people do not understand why their fuel tank is clearly 50 liters, but refueling can be added to 55 liters. So there will be doubts about the gas station data, there is nothing to know, in fact, this rumor is not correct, small is not to speak for gas stations.

In fact, many vehicles calibrated fuel tank volume is not the actual fuel tank capacity of the vehicle, manufacturers for the sake of safety, in the manual will always leave 10% to 15% of the allowance, so 55 liters of fuel tank can add to 55 liters.

Myth 4: Add half a carton of oil to save oil Car fuel consumption is really related to body weight, so many people feel more heavy oil body, driving up more oil, plus half a carton of oil body will be lighter, will be more fuel-efficient. But we all did not think our vehicle fuel tank solvents are around 60 liters, add dozens of liters but tens grams, for a ton of cars can be ignored. But often add half a carton of oil to run a few more refueling Zhang is a waste of time to increase fuel consumption, if the traffic congestion is still upset, isn't it?

Myth 5: Evening Refueling more money Spread on the internet many evening refueling more money-saving articles, the basis is the thermal expansion and contraction, the use of daytime and night temperature difference, that evening can add more oil.

But refueling oil depots are built in the bottom, but also to ensure that the temperature of the state, whether it is hot summer or snowy winter, oil out of the temperature are the same, the volume of natural no change, how much money plus how much oil is the same.

Myth 6: Refueling workers can steal oil when shaking hands Many people see refueling staff at the end of the refueling, will be holding the oil gun "click" A few valves, the number on the tanker will jump faster, it is possible that this time the oil did not add enough, so that the link there is something fishy.

Of course, if it is not normal gas stations may not be sure, in fact, the irregular gas stations want to hide the trick should have a lot of links. Regular gas stations do not have the oil gun is measured by the price check, the error is only allowed in 1 per thousand to 3 per thousand, oil table also has a lead, once the input price or oil volume will not change, if the private changes in the oil gun will be void. And refueling staff when the settlement is in accordance with the background pump code to settle, and this does not matter, so it is best to go to the regular gas station refueling.


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