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Do You Know? Truck Idle Maintenance Can Not Be Idle!
Jun 29, 2018

After the high intensity transportation work, the card friend will inevitably have the rest to relax the time, the truck also follows the idle several days, does not realize that if only puts the truck to scrawl the garage, still is very easy to appear the problem ... Today, I would like to introduce a few points, the maintenance of the truck when idle precautions.


Prevent metal from rusting

Rust is mainly caused by the interaction of water, oxygen and corrosive substances in the air. Therefore, for long-term suspension of the car, should keep the metal surface clean. You should always keep ventilation in the garage. Meanwhile, dust, dirt and moisture should be removed from the vehicle in time. In the rust-prone parts and the surface of the machine to apply oil, lubricants and so on.


Prevent aging and deterioration of rubber products

Rubber products on automobiles, such as tires, belts and so on, often occur aging, expansion or deformation phenomenon, resulting in deterioration of performance, the service life becomes shorter. Rubber products easily absorb oxygen in the air and oxidize. Especially direct sunlight, can cause the rubber to rapidly aging. Suggest each card buddy, rest period to prevent the car rubber products aging, should avoid direct sunlight, try to park in the shade.


Prevent mildew of cotton and hemp products

The seat mats and carpets in the car are easy to absorb moisture. Especially in humid areas and rainy season, more susceptible to dampness caused mildew. Suggest card buddy in the truck idle period should be checked on the cotton hemp products, timely drying, ventilation, keep dry.


Check the engine's working condition

Finally, CIMC LiangShan DongYue to remind the card buddies, idle after the truck in the back of the car, should first start the engine, idling 4-5min, check the engine operation. If there is abnormal phenomenon, need to adjust and repair in time.

or contact Jianghuai Light Card nearest service provider, by professional and technical inspection car, only trustworthy. The above attention matters, small affects the life comfort of the card friends, big is with the security of the card friends, interest hook. So, the idle maintenance of the truck is also very important. Not because of fear of trouble and ignore, the penny is not!

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