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Do You Know Your Tires?
Oct 08, 2018

I don't know if you've heard of it.

"radial tires"


"skew tires"

These two concepts?

We all know That.

Inside the rubber skin of the tyre actually, There are many layers of "filler."


Early years

Due to the limitation of production level The padding in the inside is like This.


They crossed together in a diagonal

You're pressing me, I'm pressing her.

Lined up like Dogpile.

Never separated from the afterlife

so, This tire is called "skew tire"


Rapid technological level

One day an engineer was surprised to find

After using the new technology

Technology is not so dogpile

can also make these lines "never separated from the afterlife"

well, Then.

In order to make full use of the strength of the line Then let them arrange it this way.


Because the direction of their alignment and the Meridian section of the tyre are consistent

So the tires are called

"radial tires"

(PS: radial tires were invented by Michelin) (PPS: Fat man who doesn't want to invent radial tires is not a good cook)

Simply put,

The difference between a radial tyre and a bias tyre is that The "ply" is arranged in a different direction.

Because of this difference

Radial tires have

Good heat dissipation, low self-weight, small resistance,

Abrasion and puncture resistance, comfortable, high-speed stability good And so many advantages.

And the bias tires have

High lateral strength and sidewall thickness


Cheap These two advantages.

Now look inside your tyre model.

As long as the "R" letter

It's all radial Tires.

After becoming "rich and handsome."

The radial tires began the life of "wearing gold and silver."

Gradually have the

"all-steel Radial tire"

"semi-steel Radial tire" This upgrade-enhanced version of the product.

and skew tires

Because "do not think enterprising" Until now, basically, There's only "nylon" material to play With.

So the bias tires are generally "nylon tires"

And the "wire tires" we're talking about are definitely radial tires.

In addition, the current vacuum tires on the market

It's basically "radial tires."

(i've never seen a vacuum in a skew tire anyway)

It can be said that one step can't keep up with, step by step

Bias tires are now basically visible only on Low-speed cars. Radial tires already dominate the market for high-speed cars.

To keep everyone from confusing

I'm here to make a summary.

Skew tire is the concept of a relative radial tyre, the difference is the structure is different

The steel tyre is the concept of the relative nylon tyre, The difference is the material is different

The vacuum tire is the concept of a "tire with an inner tube", the difference is that there is no inner tube

Now on the market

The vacuum tires are usually steel tires, and the steel tyres are radial. And the bias tires are nylon tires, usually have an inner tube.

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