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Electrophoresis Paint Production Line
Aug 07, 2018

LiangShan CIMC Dongyue Vehicle Co., Ltd., recently built electrophoresis paint production line, and began to apply to the product. CIMC Dongyue is the second company with electrophoresis paint line.

Electrophoresis coating typically consists of four simultaneous processes:
1, electrophoresis: Under the action of DC electric field, positive, negative charged colloid particles to negative, positive direction movement, also known as swimming.
2, Electrolysis: electrode on the oxidation and reduction of the reaction, but on the electrode formed oxidation and reduction phenomenon.
3, Electrodeposition: As a result of electrophoretic action, moved to the anode near the charged colloid particles in the template body released electrons, and the insoluble state deposition, precipitation, at this time the film formation.

4, electrical infiltration: In the electric field, the solid phase does not move, and the phenomenon of liquid phase movement.
The effect of electro-osmosis is that the water contained in the film is gradually discharged to the film, the final formation of almost even current also pass, the moisture content is very low, the resistance is quite high dense paint film.

5, Iron red epoxy electrophoresis paint as an example: the electrophoresis paint is modified epoxy resin, butanol, ethanolamine, talc, iron oxide material composition, electrophoresis paint mixed with distilled water, in the direct current electric field, that is, separated into positively charged cationic and negatively charged anions, and a series of complex physical and chemical colloid chemistry, Electrochemical change process.

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