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How To Prevent Skid In Trailer Driving
Dec 18, 2017

First for the rear wheel skid, is when the rear half of the car body skidding, experts recommend owners friend, regardless of the direction of the vehicle to skid, this time to skid direction to play the steering wheel and remember never brake, all the movements as soft as possible.

Second, when four-wheel skid, the owner will feel the vehicle forward speed faster than usual, then we first let the front wheel to find grip, the throttle, do not put on the brakes, light clutch, all the movements as gently as possible, so that the vehicle slowly driving until the slipping phenomenon disappeared.

In addition, if you encounter the front wheel skid, that is, the steering wheel can not rotate, the vehicle straight forward to the front, until the collision obstacle side stop, at this time remember the wheel rotation, the steering wheel can rotate, until the return to normal, repeatedly on the brakes so that the oil circuit to achieve the most effective

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