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Precautions During The Adjustment Of The Wheelbase Of Trailer
Apr 26, 2018

Good chassis status is the basis of positioning, trailer positioning is mainly to adjust the status of the trailer parts, the real difficulty is to adjust the balance of the bus bridge. So, with a good chassis status, how do we go faster to adjust the appropriate balance of the bus bridge?

What problems should we pay attention to in the course of adjusting the school?

1, smooth and smooth site is the premise of the adjustment of the trailer wheelbase The smooth and smooth operation of the site can improve the accuracy and speed of calibration.

Uneven site will cause the left and right deviations, when the left and right deviation is greater than 50px, will result in the measurement of data 25px deviation.
In the potholes uneven road work, due to the uneven height of each wheel caused the measurement deviation that is very normal.

For this purpose, the large trailer has built a special measuring site to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.

2, the trailer wheelbase Adjustment essentials

 ① first adjust the front axle: Adjust the live lever, so that axle axis on the longitudinal center plane of the frame in the horizontal direction of the vertical ≤6mm, that is, L3=L4 (measuring the traction pin as the center to the two sides of the hub cover center hole distance). After adjusting, fasten the bolt of the movable rod Joint and install the opening pin.

A special infrared range finder is used to ensure the front axle distance meets the design requirements.

 ② adjustment of the rear axle: Adjust the live lever to ensure the tolerance of each wheelbase ≤5mm (measuring the center hole distance between the two axle hub cover).

The large trailer designed a special caliper for each axle wheelbase test, and ensure that the left and right wheelbase error within 5mm.

 ③ Lock the remaining bolts to the top preload torque.
Large-Haul trailer for all bolts torque torque testing, qualified after the paint mark, to ensure that all bolts torque strength.

Trailer Wheelbase Adjustment Precautions:

• When adjusting the lever, in order to ensure the change trend of the fixed lever, we should lengthen after the adjustment and shorten to the standard state.

Adjust the lever should also pay attention to its left and right clearance changes to ensure that the lever in the pull state.

• When adjusting the deviation of the larger wheelbase, the adjustment lever one lap lever changes about 4mm, the wheel edge distance changes about 25px, the adjustment ratio of about 1:4.

When the living rod is stretched or shortened by 4mm, the fixed lever side will be shortened or stretched to 1mm, which is 4:1 of the ratio.

• Adjust the larger deviation of the wheelbase, we should always observe the position of its steel plate, to avoid the plate card to one side, affect the effect of adjustment (you can use a sledgehammer beat adjustment plate).

When adjusting the lever, we should pay special attention to the reworks of the car.

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