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Precautions For Driving Semi-trailer In Rainy Days
Dec 18, 2017

Rainy night driving semi-trailer should be safe, because the semi-trailer wheel rotation and the water mist will be very large, follow it or the side will make your front-file glass a vague, so overtaking the time apart from the Ming, flashing lights, the state of the wiper to be in a continuous state of work, preferably in the normal state to increase one or two stalls.

Before the vehicle is traveling, check the semi-trailer engine bunker oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, booster pump oil, tubing, bolt torque, etc. check the semi-trailer tire pressure, the tire pattern is lighter, the performance of adhesion decreased, if necessary, change the tire, the chassis focus on the direction of the system, tubing, bolt torque and so on.

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