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Semi Trailer Market
Apr 20, 2018

From the history of the development of container trailers in the world, all the container trailers have shown the development trend of heavy duty and specialization of commercial vehicles, and all the automobile manufacturing companies are trying to make the container trailer heavy, the engine high-power and the High-tech equipment as the development direction of the product research and development.

China's heavy container trailer is becoming the main theme and direction of the future development of commercial vehicles. The use of Mechatronics technology to improve the safety, comfort, environmental protection and durability of the container trailer.

Safety, refers to the installation of brake anti-lock system (ABS), electronic control system (EBS) and other security measures; comfort, now the truck ride comfort close to the car level. Environmental protection, the improvement of diesel engine technology, in order to achieve the diesel engine to reduce emissions to provide a basic guarantee; reliability and durability, foreign advanced Enterprise container trailer warranty period is mostly 600,000 kilometers.

Improve internal combustion engine technology to achieve low emissions and energy saving and increasingly high-power. The development trend of internal combustion engine is diesel engine. It is based on the continuous progress and development of diesel engine technology. The vibration, noise and emission indexes of the diesel engine used in the container trailer have reached the same level as the gasoline engine.
The diesel engine adopts the technology of multi valve technology, EGR and electronic control high-pressure injection, which makes the diesel engine power, economy and environmental protection reach a high level.

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