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Small White Trailer Driver Long-distance Travel To See Here
May 21, 2018

Our trailer drivers work in a special nature, perennial outside, to the car for home, eat and live on the car to solve, so the daily necessities must take the whole.

I'll list some of the travel items below:

Toiletries and bedding (for long-distance vehicles, accommodation is generally settled in the car, toiletries and comfortable bedding is the most essential);

Water cups and hot pots (service area filled with hot water for a day to drink);

Sunglasses (summer sun more intense, stimulating the eyes affect driving);

Small flashlight (check the condition and repair the car at night);

Electric Mosquito-repellent incense (traditional mosquito-repellent incense has a pungent odor, in the narrow cab easy to make people uncomfortable, but also easy to trigger fires, the proposed conditions for the use of Cayou electric incense);

Medical items (gastrointestinal medicine, diarrhea medicine, cold medicine, wound paste, etc.) Vehicle Tools (Trailer kit, Jack)

When the goods are ready, we need to have a thorough inspection of the vehicles before we leave. Focus on the driving system, if conditions are best to spare half a day to 4s shop to do a comprehensive inspection includes: tire dynamic balance, four-wheel positioning, shock absorber, steering system, braking device (brake and hand brake), tire pressure ( including spare tire pressure), at the same time, it is recommended that the engine to do a maintenance, replace the oil, three filtration, and check antifreeze, electrolyte, power steering hydraulic oil, brake oil, liquid surface, wind window cleaning fluid (on the road remember to add at any time) height. Also look at the car's fuel system and ignition system is working properly, electronic equipment connectors are loose.

At the end of the high-speed and National highway is the most easy to make trailer driver fatigue Feeling, this case how we do?

I made a few short summaries here:

Drivers to ensure good sleep, reasonable arrangement of driving time, continuous driving must not exceed 4 hours, the night of long driving should be two people rotating, alternate rest, try not to drive at midnight;

Driving should be avoided for a long time to maintain a fixed posture, can often adjust the local fatigue position sitting posture, preferably in a period of time after parking rest, get off activities waist, legs, relax the whole body muscles; No matter what the circumstances, as long as there is a very sleepy feeling, should be immediately parked in a safe place, try to sleep for a while, such as drowsiness after the elimination of driving;

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