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The Operation Instructions Of The Unloading Part Of Tipper
Dec 18, 2017

1. First confirm the engine normal operation, and ensure the system pressure in 700~800kpa;

2. Place the transmission joystick in the neutral position in the low-grade area;

3. Separate the clutch, connect the power switch first, then turn on the stop power switch;

4. In accordance with the requirements of the use of transmission control rods in the low-grade area of the required gear (below 3), slowly loosen the clutch pedal, take the force to enter the working state, take the power device indicator light, hydraulic system in the oil pump in the working state, at this time pay attention not to blow the accelerator, keep the engine speed in 1000~1600 turn/min ;

5. When the need to stop the work, the clutch pedal, the transmission control lever placed in the empty file, the pull switch and stop pull switch to the close position, take the force indicator off, multi-function buzzer stop tweet alarm, finally loosened the clutch pedal.

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