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The Overall Structure Of The Car
Oct 17, 2018

There are thousands of parts on the car, but when someone asks "what is the car," many people don't know where to start. Generally speaking, everyone divides the car into four main parts:

1) Body
2) Engine
3) Chassis
4) Electrical equipment

Then, next, we peeled off the four parts of the car one by one, just like peeling onions.

● Body

First of all, the body. The body is the part of the vehicle used to carry people or load goods. Including the body body (frame), body appearance parts, body interior parts, body electrical accessories. The body of a car or passenger car is generally an overall structure. The body of the truck generally consists of a cab and a cargo box.

The body is divided into "loaded body", "semi-loaded body" and "non-loaded body" according to other chassis structures. For  example, the chassis parts of the car's engine, gearbox, etc. are  directly connected to the body of the car body, and the body needs to  carry their weight, so it is the load-bearing body; (the "carriage" of  the carrying body, "hatchback, sedan", what do you know? Do you mean?)

The  truck chassis has separate girders for carrying the chassis assemblies.  The body is only responsible for the load of personnel and cargo, so it  is a non-loaded body.

It can be seen that the load-bearing body is relatively inferior to the non-loaded body due to the load on the chassis. However,  due to its compact structure and more integrated vehicles, the noise is  low and the weight is small. It is generally used in cars and other  models. The non-loaded body has a more powerful  load-bearing performance, so in addition to trucks, there are many  hard-core off-road vehicles that use a non-loaded body structure.

● Engine

After removing the car body, we can find the heart of the car - the engine at a glance.

Although  the media teachers have explained the contents of the engine to the  chassis part, they are often listed as a separate part due to the  complicated structure and principle of the engine.

In  addition, the engine mentioned here actually includes all its  accessories, such as fuel tank, exhaust gas after-treatment system,  etc., they can all correspond to the engine "five major institutions"  and "two major systems" (this article will not be introduced first) ).

● Chassis

In  addition to the body and engine, the remaining frame (as mentioned  earlier, the carrier has no separate frame), the gearbox, the rear axle,  the wheels, etc. are part of the chassis.

According  to different functions, the chassis can be divided into four major  systems: driving system, steering system, transmission system and  braking system. In this part, we will also expand separately later.

● Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is mainly composed of a power supply system, electrical equipment, and power distribution equipment. It  can be seen that the electrical equipment is embedded in the other  three parts, but it is like a dense network, connecting the various  mechanisms of the car, and at the same time coordinating the work of  each part like the commander. Therefore, listing this part separately is very important for the overall design of the vehicle.

Ok,  today we will talk about it first. One of the most important points of  knowledge today is that the car is made up of four major parts.

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