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The Superiority Embodiment Of Skeleton Semi-trailer
Dec 18, 2017

When loading a mechanical device on a skeleton semitrailer, it usually loads the mechanical equipment from the rear end of the trailer, that is, by moving the mechanical equipment from the rear wheel frame or removing the wheel, and then fixing the mechanical equipment to the semitrailer.

Series low flat-panel semi-trailer has flat, concave-beam and tyre-exposed structure, the longitudinal beam adopts the flat type or the goose neck type, its frame is the ladder type, the longitudinal beam section is the I-shaped, has the high rigidity, the strength high characteristic. Low flat-Panel semi-trailer series products are applicable to a variety of mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, bulky tanks, Power plant all kinds of steel transport, wide range of uses, efficient and fast, the entire vehicle using advanced computer-aided design software, optimization design flexible and diverse, according to user requirements design frame bearing surface, to meet a variety of special cargo transport.

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