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The Truck Driver Carries Three Treasures With Him And Runs Around The Country
Aug 15, 2018

As the saying goes, there are three treasures in the northeast, ginseng, antler, and ursia. The crop has three treasures: the ugly wife, the near-land, and the cotton-padded jacket. Our drivers are the same. Three pieces of artifacts are indispensable, wire, tape, brothers are good (AB glue, don't misunderstand). These three are just the first treasures. As the world's largest agricultural country, the three treasures of Zhuanghanhan did not say much.

Today I will focus on the three treasures of our truck people.

It's the kind that you can buy at any hardware store. The specification of the wire should not be too thick, about 12th. If  you buy two dollars, just go to the bottom of the car, the tape should  be black waterproof, and the AB glue will work together.

For  example, the gas pipe, the oil pipe is worn out, and a piece of wire is  attached to the wire. It is easy to combine the other two. In particular, there are unexpected benefits when driving in front of the village and not in the store. At the very least, you can insist that you have a place to have a car repair master.

Once, I was in the mountains, the high-pressure tubing was worn out, and it was like this.

If there is a problem with the oil and gas pipeline, there is no wire in hand, and you can replace it with cotton. Clean  the damaged parts, wrap the cotton thread tightly and orderly, apply AB  glue, wrap it a few times, and repeat it several times. When the glue  is quick-drying, quickly wrap it again with tape. Wait approximately fifteen minutes before proceeding to the specific operations below.

In fact, many places use wire, it is recommended that everyone carry a little with the car.

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