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There Are Several Kinds Of Butter. Which Kind Of Car Do We Use?
Aug 30, 2018

The butter scientific name grease is one of the essential lubricating media on our trucks. But  there are many types of butter. If you use it wrong, it will cause  early damage to the vehicle. Today, let's simply talk about the types of  butter commonly used on our trucks and how to choose them.

● There are 3 kinds of commonly used greases. What are they?

1: calcium based grease


Calcium-based greases are characterized by a yellow color. These greases are used on early trucks. This is the term for butter. Since  the calcium-based grease is a lubricating oil made of animal, vegetable  oil and lime, and water is used as a peptizing agent, its optimum  working temperature is between -10 ° C and 60 ° C. Its disadvantage is  that it is at 100 ° C. It is hydrolyzed or lost,  and it loses its lubrication. Therefore, calcium-based grease has been  replaced by a more stable lithium-based grease in automobiles.

2: Universal lithium grease


General  purpose lithium grease is a kind of lithium grease. It is characterized  by good water resistance, mechanical stability and rust resistance. At  the same time, its applicable temperature is also wide, and the  temperature is -20 ° C ~ 120 ° C. It can meet the  lubrication requirements in the interval. The saddles, universal joints  and knuckle plane bearings on the truck are suitable for general-purpose  lithium grease. Usually the butter in the parking lot is used for  lubrication. fat. However, because  its temperature resistance still does not meet the requirements of the  hub, this has to let another lithium grease come on the scene.

3: Extreme pressure lithium grease


Extreme  pressure lithium grease is commonly known as high temperature butter. It  is characterized by its ability to ensure lubricity at 160 ° C. For  vehicle hub bearings, which require high temperature, high speed and  extreme pressure conditions. Universal lithium  grease is difficult to meet the requirements of wheel bearings, because  the general lithium grease will cause grease separation and loss of  lubrication in high temperature environment, so extreme pressure lithium  grease is the best choice.

● Grease also has a label. How do I choose it?

The  labeling of the grease is determined by the value of the penetration.  The larger the degree of penetration, the thinner the grease, and the  thicker the opposite. Simply speaking, it is 1st thin and 3rd thick. Now we are basically using No. 2 and No. 3 grease on our trucks. The  choice of grease is the same as the one we buy, and we have to choose  according to our actual operating route to get the most out of it.

Below we use the Shell Jiadu series grease as an example. Generally  speaking, for long-term cardholders who are on the standard and the  daily running line is plain, they can use Shell Gadu S2 grease, because  the card friends who run under the above conditions can be used  regardless of the ease of filling and the reduction of frictional  resistance. More suitable for this S2 grease.

The  card friends who often run in the mountains often need to use the  brakes frequently, and the heat generated by the brake drums is  transmitted to the hubs, so that the temperature of the hub bearings is  greatly increased, often exceeding 120 °C. From the  perspective of ensuring lubrication, our card friends who run in the  mountains are more suitable to use the grease of the Jiadu S3 model. I  believe that through the brief introduction above, I believe that  everyone has a certain understanding of the grease used in our car, and  know how to choose the grease that is suitable for our own.

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