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To Pay Attention To Driving Safety In Cayou Of Freight Car On High Speed Road
Jun 22, 2018

May 23, G98 Island high-speed on a small truck loaded with cargo spontaneous combustion, fortunately, Sanya Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment of the road to find timely, rapid disposal of road traffic safety problems.

May 14 14:43 P.M. Xu, in the G98 Island high-speed west to the east direction of 255 kilometers, traffic Police Detachment Highway Management Brigade Su Lixiong, Wang Xiangui found 1 small trucks parked in the fast lane, and vehicles have cargo burning phenomenon. After the discovery of danger, several road control staff quickly reacted, on the one hand immediately set up a security alert area to guide the passing vehicle deceleration detour; On the one hand, the use of fire extinguishers equipped with police cars helps motorists to extinguish spontaneous combustion cargo.

After the fire has been extinguished, the road control officer directs the accident vehicle to the emergency lane and once again inspects the other goods on the vehicle to ensure that the safety hazard is eliminated. The driver was told that because of the hot weather, the high temperature caused the goods carried by vehicles to spontaneous combustion.

The road control officer immediately carried out a summer high temperature driving safety warning to motorists, the driver was very grateful for the help of the traffic control staff, and said that there will be no future such security problems. Sanya Public security traffic police tip: Summer high temperature driving, to be equipped with fire extinguishers in the motor vehicles, and regularly check the replacement, but also familiar with the use of fire extinguishers to avoid accidents when there is no way. Finish

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