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Wheelbase Adjustment CIMC Trailer With Cheats
Apr 26, 2018

The failure of the wheelbase of the trailer will hinder the performance of the trailer directly, which will increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle and the wear of the tyre, and even cause the accident.

The following small series of detailed arrangement of the wheelbase adjustment of the relevant knowledge, hope that the truck friend help.

Check each part to ensure the trailer is in good condition There is nothing too complex about the structure of the vehicle when the trailer wheelbase is being adjusted. Mainly includes pull arm, lug, traction pin, balance beam, steel plate and other components, although the method of adjustment is varied, but in the final analysis is based on isosceles principle. The good chassis condition, plus the standard positioning size, can basically solve all the problems of the trailer.

The following from the trailer chassis components:
1, Pull Rod: tire Wear First look at the lock bolt is fastened and check the replacement of the lever rubber sleeve

The driving force of the trailer bridge is mainly caused by pulling the pull rod, and if the lever fails, the safety of the vehicle will be reduced directly.

The performance of the tie rod depends mainly on the quality of the tie rod sleeve and the fastening degree of its lock bolt. Large trailer pull rod rubber sleeve for nylon, the outer layer of polymer polyurethane material, has a good cushioning, can withstand 130 degrees to 150 degrees of high-temperature, super wear-resistant, long service life.

The rod Bolt adopts self-locking nut and is equipped with open pin, which can ensure that the bolt has no loosening and shedding phenomenon in the high-speed driving of the trailer.
2, Balance beam: tire irregular shell-like wear should pay attention to check the balance beam

The large trailer adopts the characteristic Japanese suspension system, all the tie rods are of the same length and have good interchangeability.

The combination surface of the suspension and the tie rod is a milling surface, with high precision, which can effectively prevent the tyre from eating the tire.

Large-Haul trailer balance beam nut with self-locking nut, and equipped with open pin, trailer in high-speed driving, the nut is not loose, can effectively avoid abnormal wear of tires.
3, Steel Spring: steel plate fracture or strength reduction will cause excessive tire wear

Leaf spring is the main part of the trailer weight, which mainly acts as a cushion, and when the steel plate is broken or the strength is reduced, the tire wear is too fast.

Therefore, the balance beam and plate inspection is also the focus of our adjustment.

The large trailer adopts 10 strip steel leaf spring, the arc height reduces 2 centimeters, the stability is good, the strength is high, simultaneously reduces the trailer weight 50 kilograms.
4, Traction pin: traction pin deviation of the General Assembly caused trailer tail

Traction PIN is the link mechanism of towing tractor and trailer, the traction force of trailer is the traction point of trailer. Because of its in the welding process may appear deformation, so, its deviation is also we in the adjustment process should focus attention.

Its left and right deviation will cause the vehicle to appear in the course of driving tail. The deviation control of the traction Pin Center to the left right beam of the large trailer is within ±1mm, as long as the regular inspection and adjustment, will not cause the vehicle to tail.

and large trailer selection of well-known manufacturers of high-quality 40Cr traction pin, although the cost of the general social traction is twice times more expensive, but long service life, not easy to wear.

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