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Whether The Shroud Is Beautiful Or Reduces Wind Resistance
Jun 22, 2018

What is the fuel consumption of this car in hundred kilometers? Believe that no matter is to buy what brand of tractor, fuel consumption has always been a concern of you Cayou.

Fuel costs, occupy the late use of tractor a large cost, especially in the low price, oil prices are rising today, the overall vehicle fuel consumption is more important.

Reducing wind resistance coefficient of tractor to improve fuel economy There are many factors affecting the fuel consumption of tractor, but Cayou tend to focus on the vehicle's three piece above, the truck at high speed, air resistance brought about by the fuel consumption of the concern is weak, air resistance in the total driving resistance accounted for a very large proportion, far more than other factors caused by resistance, this shows that The impact of wind resistance on fuel consumption is very large.

According to a foreign experimental data show that when the truck operating speed of 50 kilometers per hour, the installation of air diversion components can effectively reduce the vehicle wind resistance coefficient, improve the fuel economy of vehicles, so the rational use of air diversion components to reduce wind resistance, should arouse the attention of everyone, to reduce the fuel consumption of trucks has a great help.

For a truck, because not only to meet the spacious cabin space to bring comfort, but also to ensure the safety of the occupants in the event of a collision, so reducing the cab wind resistance coefficient is not an easy thing.

After years of research and development, truck manufacturers have changed the former square head of the truck design elements, began to streamline the cab design, to obtain a lower coefficient of wind resistance.

In addition, by adding a shroud on the cab, the appearance of the cab can be smoother, in order to reduce the wind resistance coefficient of the tractor, when the vehicle is moving, the air resistance can be reduced to improve its fuel economy. What are the lower wind resistant truck deflector shields?

The main diversion components used in trucks are: the roof shroud of the cab, the side shroud of the cab and the side skirt of the body.

With the use of these shroud assemblies, the towing vehicle can effectively reduce the wind resistance coefficient and improve its fuel economy.

Truck drivers don't know enough about the deflector cover. In China, the tractor deflector cover is not mandatory installation, the vehicle is equipped with a diversion cover, completely depends on the owner's choice. Due to price, body height and user awareness problems, many people will not choose to equip the deflector hood. With the majority of owners of the vehicle awareness of the rise, now many people recognize the importance of the tractor deflector hood, have chosen to install a diversion cover later.

Many people are not very understanding of aerodynamics, that can be added to the role of diversion, can reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles, and will not be based on the height of the trailer to adjust the height of the shroud adjustment. In this case, although the addition of a diversion cover, but the vehicle when the wind resistance is still very large, the shroud is only decorative role, so that the shape of the tractor more good-looking, and can not give the entire vehicle transport to bring the best fuel economy.

So it is also important to adjust the height of the top shroud properly.

There are also parts of Cayou that the height of their semi-trailer is lower than the height of the tractor, the addition of a shroud will increase the height of the vehicle, not only affect the passing of the vehicle, but also to increase the windward area of the tractor, and can not improve the fuel economy of vehicles, this argument is clearly wrong.

Properly fitted with a shroud to save you money

When loading the vehicle deflector cover, to consider the extent of the tractor and semi-trailer matching, in particular, the top of the cab to adjust the height to the height of the semi-trailer is equivalent to change the direction of the wind, so that the wind will not impact on the delivery box, reducing the tractor and semi-trailer between the turbulence caused by the traffic resistance.
There will be a certain gap between the tractor and the semi-trailer, adding the cab side guide cover to ensure the smooth flow of airflow and reduce the wind resistance caused by the side wind.

Some of the friends will think that some tractors will have side skirts on both sides of the side skirt plate can not only decorate the role of the vehicle. When the vehicle is moving, the side skirt plate can make the tow side airflow better, reduce the air turbulence, can reduce the wind resistance, improve the fuel economy of the vehicle.

The shroud allows the vehicle to look more coordinated and aesthetically pleasing, allowing the vehicle to be more aerodynamic, with less wind resistance at high speeds and better fuel economy. Therefore, it is recommended that friends in the purchase of tractors, as far as possible to choose the guide cover, because the shroud is not only decorative role, it can be used well, it will also allow you to save money!


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