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Winter Semi-trailer Oil Replacement Is Fastidious
Dec 18, 2017

Semi-trailer driver friends in extremely cold areas it should be noted that if the last time you change the oil when the label is 5W or 10W of oil, then need to replace, otherwise in the winter oil fluidity, will make the engine of the semi-trailer to form serious wear and tear to shorten the service life of the engine.

Second, the main need is to replace the engine oil to fit the region's winter oil, the winter temperature is low, will have a great impact on the oil viscosity, too high viscosity will cause the internal resistance of the engine too large, so that the engine can not start, the proposed 10W of oil in minus 25 to attemp use, 5W of oil can be in minus 35 to Celsius use, the proposed driver friends can consider using the four seasons of oil, there is no need to replace.

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