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45ft Flatbed Semi Trailer

45ft Flatbed Semi Trailer

Flatbed semi trailer is mainly used container transport,there are several types of it,such as 20ft flatbed trailer,40ft flatbed trailer,45ft flatbed trailer,2/3/4 axles flatbed semi trailer,gooseneck flatbed trailer and so on....

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45ft flatbed semi trailer

one 45ft faltbed semi trailer can load two 20ft containers or one 40ft container,one 45ft container,Mainly 

used in docks and ports.

flatbed trailer 7

flatbed trailer 1

Product detail:


Tare weight:Approximate 6 tons

Axle:Fuwa 13T axles,3pcs

Landing gear:JOST C200 two speed landing gear

Kingpin:3.5'' bolt type

Suspension:JMCG standard mechanical suspension

Tire:Linglong brand,12R22.5 12pcs

Main beam:Material Q345,"H" beam height 500mm,top flange thickness 12mm,middle web thickness 6mm,

bottom flange thickness 14mm

Painting:EP painting

Twist lock:12 twist locks


Product process:

Flatbed semi trailer production process is complex, can be roughly divided into 12 links.


Product advantage:

CIMC faltbed semi trailer use reasonable process first, in strict accordance with international standards of welding,

 car board is the use of "fixture suppression" into the tile-edge type, high strength and toughness, while making the 

lighter weight, bar railing railings can be raised and lowered, semi-demolition, Demolition of all practical convenience , 

Safe and reliable.

Package &shipping:


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