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50CBM 3 Axles Cement Bulk Tanker Trailer

50CBM 3 Axles Cement Bulk Tanker Trailer

This model semi trailer applied to storage&transfer cement.dry powder.sand ect material. with strong loading capacity and good quality.our semi trailer are popular in the world....

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50CBM 3 Axles Cement Bulk Tanker Trailer    


Type:  Bulk cement semi trailer 

Model: DPB6458WMBDY

Size: 1,3000*3000*1800mm


Payload: 60,000kg 

Tare weight: 11,000kg

G.V.W.R: 51,000kg  


Main beam:Material Q345B,Fabricated”H”beam height 500mm,Top flange thickness 18mm,

                   Middle web thickness  

                   10mm,Bottom flange thickness 20mm 

Side beam:20#channel steel   

Platform :4.0mm thick chequer plate with supporting channel 

Cross beam:80*40mm square tube 

Kingpin:JOST 2"SAE kingpin,bolted in type 

Welding standard:All welding are to be done by qualified welder per applicable national standard

Painting :Shot blast at standard SA2.5 prior to application of primer,polyurethane top coat. 

               Total DFT not less than 100um 

Running Gear

Suspension :JMCG mechanical suspension,leaf spring 13mm×90mm,China  

Axle:FUWA150×150square beam axle,3pcs*13ton capacity,China  

Air tank:2pcs,China 

Emergency relay valve:Wabco relay valve     

Landing gear:JOST C200 two speed telescopic manual landing gear     



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